Unprotected or improperly protected electrical penetrations can allow fire and smoke to spread rapidly. These openings allow fire to travel between rooms easily, and can be one of the major reasons a fire gets out of control. Types of penetrations that we would Firestop would be:

  • Electrical through-penetrations
  • Mechanical through-penetrations
  • Structural through-penetrations
  • Unpenetrated openings
  • Re-entries of existing firestops
  • Control or sway joints
  • Junctions between fire-resistance-rated wall or floor assemblies
  • “Head-of-wall” (HOW) joints, where non-loadbearing wall assemblies meet floor assemblies

A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies. Though this is generally a difficult item to quantify during the tendering process of a project, we are more than able to complete the fireproofing scope if called upon.


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